About us

We are able to offer you a complete service for all of your bookkeeping and accountancy requirements.

If you find that you are answering “Yes” to one or more of the following questions, it may be worth a quick call to Sol Accounting to see how their services can help improve your business.

  • Do you rely on the skills of one person to do your entire bookkeeping function?
  • Is your current relationship with your accountant getting expensive, with charges for every phone call, email and letter?
  • Are your current bookkeeping charges too high?
  • Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of up to date financial information about your business?
  • Is bookkeeping a chore keeping you away from what you are best at – Running your business?
  • Do you find yourself doing VAT returns at the last minute, trying to avoid a late penalty charge?
  • Do you run your business on the basis of out of date information?

Many small business owners undertake bookkeeping work themselves thus severely restricting the time they could be spending on growth and development, other businesses employ an individual to perform the entire range of bookkeeping tasks.  Both approaches are restricted to the expertise and abilities of that person. Sol Accounting provides the skill levels, experience and qualifications required to support all aspects of a successful business.

We enjoy working for small and medium sized businesses and helping them succeed. One of the differences between the way we work and other bookkeepers is that we want to be seen as internal to the organisation, rather than external. We therefore call ourselves ‘Your Finance Team’.

Sol Accounting – Your Finance Team – Your Solution