A confidenciality contract is signed with each of our clients so you can be assured that all information is stored securely.

Not only we take care of your data and tax declarations, but we also offer a personalised services taylored specifically for your needs.


We are flexible when quoting the fees to our customers. Clients can choose between a fixed price per month, which will be reviewed after six months. Or a price for exact work done per month.

VAT will be added at the rate of 20% to all payments.

Service Unit Price

First Consultation

1 hour Free

Work by hour


Monthly fee, starting from



per employee 5.-

Internal accounting procedures policy


Yearly accounts for contracted client

  based on monthly fee



Archiving (archive folder + service)


Contracts, per document

each 10.-

Creating invoices

  price negotiable

Payment orders

  price negotiable



„Start Up“**



* Base rate will be provided through negotiations and is affected by following factors: count of entries and number of employees.
** Forming a new company and procedures that follow, finding an office/business premises and contracts with suppliers.